A German-American Partnership in Puerto Rico:
The Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico Co-Creation Experience

The emblematic project of the Aeronautical & Aerospace Institute of Puerto Rico (AAIPR) has been the development of an educational infrastructure to support and ensure sustainability of the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations of Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico (LTPR), obtained by the support and commitment of the Select USA Program of the Department of Commerce of the United States of America.

The LTPR MRO operation requires a start-up supply of 320 maintenance technicians and other related personnel (80 per bay) to operate 5 bays in the first two years. To develop this project, the AAIPR has developed academic affiliations with the Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE) and the University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla campus (UPR-Aguadilla). The project includes:


  • Support and enhance current FAA part 147 Certified PRDE curriculum for delivery of certified aircraft maintenance technician
  • Support the development of the associate degree in Aeronautic and Aerospace Technology at UPR-Aguadilla for delivery of personnel with skills and knowledge to sustain the operation of an aeronautical and aerospace industry/business. This program began on August 2015 with 50 students and is expected to increase to 160 students on August 2016.
  • Provide integration and benchmarking with Lufthansa Technical Training and other specialized global companies products and services.

Base Aircraft Overhaul Program

Due to the evolution of the original project, LTPR required a creation and implementation of a new curricular alternative. The Base Aircraft Overhaul Program was created to produce personnel prepared in basic skills and knowledge that may qualify them to obtain a position of Aviation Mechanic Assistant within LTPR after six (6) months of on the job training in the company. This program is based on the EASA Category A curriculum and topics. This is a six (6) month intensive program covering at least 1015 contact hours. It prepares participants in three basic areas; the theoretical area covers basic knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Aerodynamics, Electronics and Materials science; the practical area covers practical skills using the Structures laboratory and inspection techniques; the specific aircraft knowledge area covers detailed operational knowledge of specific aircraft (Airbus 320-330) and equipment. This program began on March 11, 2015 with 23 participants and finished on November 21, 2015. Due to obtaining the highest score in the assessments performed by LTPR, a second group of this program was requested by the company. This second group started courses on November 09, 2015 and is expected to complete the program by July 2016 so they can operate Bay 4 by January 2017