AAIPR creates job opportunities for science and aerospace technologies professionals

Aguadilla- The Aeronautical and Aerospace Institute of Puerto Rico (AAIPR), a nonprofit corporation of the University of Puerto Rico, announced today that it will create a professional resources portfolio aligned with its socio-economic development plan using as a basic foundation the country’s aeronautical and aerospace industry.

“The AAIPR is the proponent of a socio-economical strategy based on the economic growth and the creativity focused on the aerospace industry. Because of this, we need professionals in order to diversify the implementation of this strategy and the fundamental key points already established in the island”, AAIPR Executive Director, Prof. Wilmer Arroyo stated.

According to Professor Arroyo, AAIPR’s robust socio-economic proposal for the island is based on a knowledge based economy, innovation, creativity and infrastructure development.

“This portfolio is part of our preparation process in order to respond to the challenges posed by the integration of an extremely specialized human capital. The socio-economic plan we have presented to the country requires diverse academically prepared resources from accredited higher education centers who have experience as professors; or with technical, research, development and business experience” Arroyo exposed

AAIPR’s call is opened to professionals with Masters and PhD’s degrees who work and/or have a research interest on the following areas: Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Materials Engineering, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Programming and Design, Microsatellite Technology Development Specialists, Aerodynamics, Electromagnetic Propulsion, Nuclear Fusion, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data topics, Atmospheric Sciences(Earth and other planets), Exobiology, Organic Molecular Design, Organic-Synthetic Materials Interface. Proteomics, Bio- informatics, Applied Quantum Mechanics and Relativity.

A&P Certified Mechanics, Avionics Certified Technicians and Engineers, Embedded Systems Programming and Security and Digital Signal Processing.

According to AAIPR’s Executive Director, human resources with a scientific preparation with a liberal or corporate background are also welcome to become part of this archive.

Resources interested on participating of the archive must send their resume to Info: wilmer.arroyo@upr.edu or call 787-890-2681 Ext 6615.