Who We Are

The Aeronautical and the Aerospace Institute of Puerto Rico (IAAPR) is a non-profit corporate subsidiary of the University of Puerto Rico ascribe to the Aguadilla campus.  The IAAPR business concept is based on establishing comprehensive academic ecosystem that supports the start up of new businesses and job creation in the aeronautical and aerospace industry.  IAAPR is the academic partnership in the establishment and development of Lufthansa Technik’s first Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operation in the Americas and the success story of the Select USA Program of the US Department of Commerce.

357Innovative Aspects / Main Advantages

A strong component and one of the main objectives of the AAIPR is the educational component. In alignment with its objectives and as the main driver of the academic ecosystem that fuels the growth and expansion of the aeronautical and aerospace industrial cluster in Puerto Rico, the AAIPR can help businesses and public and private organizations in the development of a comprehensive academic cluster that supports the start up of new businesses and job creation by:

• Creating the academic ecosystem that develops the standards, requirements, offerings and deliveries for the training and certification of personnel.

• Developing and delivering customized training and certification alternatives for business personnel related to the industry in our state of the art facilities.

• Helping in the creation of new academic programs or enhancement of current ones to ensure a pool of skilled workforce using our academic partnerships and affiliations.

The AAIPR provides a unique opportunity to access the US market within its regulatory provisions and intellectual property protections and infrastructure with a relative lower cost investment.